Higher Education

Meeting the diverse needs of a university web presence takes more than mobile responsive design and technology. It takes a partner with strong project management, knowledge of organizational governance and the ability to implement change while keeping everyone’s interests in mind.


Shore Digital brings the expertise and tools to colleges and universities to effectively design, develop and deploy web solutions for higher education institutions. Today, 26% of all universities now build their websites on Drupal largely because it’s been able to solve the problem of managing complex sites with contributors and content authored and maintained across the organization.


Most of today’s universities and higher educational institutions are based on legacy systems and a completely decentralized web infrastructure that is complex and nearly impossible to manage. In order to get to that next level, university IT and marketing administrators need a platform that respects the various stakeholders within your institution, and a partner who understands how to create and deploy an architecture that supports the many department needs while providing the governance to manage it in a brand consistent fashion. That’s what we at Shore Digital are experienced in and provide.


Higher Education Web Design and Development:


If your institution is already on Drupal and you’re ready to upgrade to Drupal 8, Shore Digital is the right technology partner with institutional experience that will make happen. See more about our Drupal 8 migration services. If you’re not currently on Drupal but are considering a shift over to the platform, now that that 71 of the top 100 universities are already using Drupal.

Our experience in higher education website design and development will help you create a solid and organized plan that will smoothly transition your website in a clear migration path to the future.  Contact us for a no-obligation complimentary consultation to discuss how we can meet your institution’s needs.

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